Fun Easy Designed Patterns

We have a variety of fun and easy patterns for sale. Click on the patterns below to see images, product details and pricing.

001 Squared 2 Bag001 Square Squared Bag
This uniquely shaped handbag is surprisingly roomy! Choose two contrasting shades of fabric for this interpretation of the traditional square in a square design. Embellish your bag with novelty yarns and it ends up quilted at the same time.


002_Bottles_Quilt[1]002 Bottles Quilt
A whimsical wall-hanging featuring various bottle shapes.



003 Curve Play Quilt003 Curve Play Quilt
A simple yet elegant quilt, that can be made in three different sizes.



004 EnviroBag004 EnviroBag
Tired of being asked “Will that be paper or plastic?” Make yourself an EnviroBag!



005 Tableworks

005 Tableworks

Use an easy freehand technique of cutting curves to create one-of-a-kind table runners, placemats and potholders.


006 Windmills Quilt006 Windmills Quilt
Part of the series utilizing the freehand cut curve technique. The Windmills quilt is fast and easy, but still conveys the look of a traditional quilt.


007 Leaves Quilt007 Leaves
Use a freehand cut curve technique to produce an inimitable freeform leaf design on this wall hanging.



008 Chrysanthemum Runner008 Chrysanthemum Runner
A unique design and the freehand cut curve technique come together to create the Chrysanthemum runner.



009 Travel Totes - Blue

009 Travel Totes
Make two fully lined travel bags with pieced, scrappy sides, double zippers to allow for a hinged top, and piping for defined edges.



010 Tote 2 Go

010 Tote 2 Go
Toss this mini tote in your purse and go! This compact little bag fits easily into a pocket or purse and opens into a roomy tote. Quick and easy to make, these environmentally friendly shopping bags are a great gift idea.


011 Pack & Go Quilt011 Pack & Go Quilt
Also known as a ‘quillow,’ the Pack & Go Quilt folds up from a lap size quilt into a built-in pocket – creating a pillow. Pack it and go anywhere! Ideal for outdoor concerts or summer picnics – anywhere you want a pillow or a quilt.


012 Ecilpse Runner and Placemats Photo012 Eclipse Runner
Make an impression at your next dinner party with this elegant runner and placemat set. Use our new easy technique to create a contemporary version of the “Drunkard’s Path.”


013 Feng Shui Quilt013 Feng Shui Quilt
Imagine water flowing over pebbles. Think of harmony and balance found in nature. These images were the inspiration for the Feng Shui Quilt. Use our easy technique to create a contemporary version of the traditional “Drunkard’s Path.”


014 Double Wedding Ring Quilt
A fresh, modern take on the traditional double wedding ring quilt. This non-traditional design is faster and easier, using freehand cut techniques. You can achieve a beautifully detailed quilt without the time-consuming traditional methods.


015 The Roo Bag015 The Roo Bag
This trendy slouch bag can be made using your choice of quilting or home décor fabrics. The bag interior includes a trio of pockets for a notepad, a cell phone, an i-pod, and more!


016 Encore Photo for web016 Encore Quilt
Based on our best selling “Leaves” pattern, “Encore” incorporates this beautiful but simple leaf block in a 25” X 39” wall hanging.


017 Zen - Cover Photo for web017 Zen
A beautiful tucked exterior creates the texture and surface interest of the “Zen Bag”.  Practical inside pockets and an optional magnetic closure add to it’s functionality.


018 Facade Photo for web018 Facade
Featuring the beautiful Cantik line of batiks, the “Facade Quilt” is a harmonious blend of concave and convex shapes. This stack and cut technique is a great introduction to curved piecing.


019 Fire & Ice Cover Photo for web019 Fire & Ice
Ignite your passion for quilting with “Fire & Ice”. Contrast colours are the focus and make the simple design come alive. This lap size quilt features a technique of applying an innovative piped binding. No hand sewing required!


020 Sundial020 Sundial Runner
Brighten up your table with our Sundial Runner! Cheerful sunny motifs are placed randomly for a piece that is truly one of a kind.