Find out more about the creative minds behind Fun Easy Designed…

Bonnie Hwang is best known as an inspirational teacher, innovative designer and award winning quilter. Her quilts have won awards in Canada, the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Her love of Modern Art and love of nature has greatly influenced her quilting and can be seen through her incredible use of colour and distinctive designs. Bonnie grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. It was a visit to her sister-in-law, an avid quilter, in California that first spurred an interest in quilting. Upon returning to Taipei, she studied with Quilt Studio Tokyo and also trained as an instructor. Bonnie relocated to Richmond, British Columbia in 1997 and became an active member of the quilting community. She continues to teach, sharing her enthusiasm, expertise, and passion with all that will listen.

Mary Pona is relatively new to the quilting world although she has had a long history working with textiles. She began sewing at a very young age and found an interest in a great variety of needlework disciplines. She studied Interior Design at the University of Manitoba and graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design in 1980. In 1986 she was introduced to the knitting machine and became intrigued by its potential as an art form. Mary was a regular contributor of patterns and articles to several machine knitting publications for many years. In 2002 she was introduced to quilting and discovered a new and exciting creative outlet.